One of the most important terms of our collective agreements is the tracking of members’ seniority, which we refer to asprecedence. As a rule, if two members with equal qualifications apply for the same job, the member with the most precedence at the hiring institution must be awarded the contract for the job.

Any member of CUPE Local 3912 is entitled to know what his or her precedence standing is. However, while the Local wishes to make this information as accessible as possible to its members, it also needs to respect Canada’s privacy law, namely thePersonal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or “PIPEDA.” That is why the Local has commissioned the development of a limited-access extranet. Additionally, the listservs the Local has maintained since 1998 are now open to members only.


If since September 2002 you have been a TA, marker, demonstrator or part-time instructor at Dalhousie University, or a part-time instructor at Mount Saint Vincent or Saint Mary’s University, you are considered a member of our Local and, as such, your name should appear in our extranet’s database. Once you have your username and password to gain access to our extranet, you will be able to update your personal information and subscribe to our listservs, as well as verify your precedence standing. (Note:Precedence for Dalhousie TAs is tabulated informally by each department and is not recorded in our extranet.)

Your membership lasts for three years. For example, if you taught a half-unit course as a part-time instructor at Mount Saint Vincent University during the semester spanning January to April 2003, but have not taught since then, you remain a member of this Local until July 1, 2006. However, if you only taught that half-unit, you will not be considered as having precedence at Mount Saint Vincent, for you need to have taught the equivalent of two full-unit courses over a minimum of two academic years and have had “satisfactory evaluations” for those courses before being placed on the precedence list. In other words, you would be a member of the local but, as far as MSVU is concerned, still in your probationary period.