Dalhousie Strike Committee

The Dalhousie Strike Committee is dedicated to ensuring an efficient and effective strike aversion and strike campaigns. The committee is composed of four sub-committees with different responsibilities as per its Terms of Reference.


The Administration sub-committee is dedicated to ensuring that members and each other sub-committee have access to the infrastructure, technical capabilities, communications centres, and medical/emergency support required for a successful strike. In addition, it also creates the necessary policies, procedures, and equipment to ensure the safety and privacy of all members. Contact DalStrikeAdmin@cupe3912.ca for any inquiries or volunteer opportunities.


The Communications sub-committee works to share information with members, the university community, and the public at large effectively and quickly. This sub-committee is responsible for signs, posters, social media, ads, face-to-face outreach, news, and more. Contact Taylor Johnston for inquiries and volunteer opportunities.


The Finance sub-committee ensures the strike aversion and campaign(s) are well financed, the release of strike benefits and hardship funds are timely and compassionate, and the distribution and recording of strike pay is prompt and effective. Contact Aiden Farrant for inquiries and volunteer opportunities.


The Picketing sub-committee is tasked with planning and coordination if and when we go on strike to ensure safe and effective picket lines. Our main goal is to set up, staff, and organize picket lines. We are looking for leaders who are willing to act as Picket Captains and motivated members who can help further our strike avert planning. If you’d like to volunteer as a picketing captain, fill out this form. To help with picketing in general, reach out to Sarah Martell (she/her).

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