Newsletters: The Instructor

Newsletter: The Instructor

April 2022 Newsletter

  • President’s Message by Karen Harper
  • Defending Academic Freedom by Rima Azar (guest post)
  • Full-Time Precarity by Larissa Atkison (CUPE 3912 VP MSVU)

March 2022 Newsletter

  • President’s Message by Karen Harper
  • A Fair Formula by David R. Wilson (CUPE 3912 Member)
  • Teaching from the Margins by Lauren McKenzie (CUPE 3912 VP TLC)
  • Health and Safety Post COVID-19 by Troy Winters (CUPE National) and Jenna Brookfield (CUPE Atlantic)

January 2022 Newsletter

  • President’s Welcome by Karen Harper
  • Inflation During Pandemic and Bargaining Times by Carlos Pessoa (Former CUPE 3912 VP SMU)
  • Survey Says… by Cameron Ells (CUPE 3912 VP Dal TA Sexton)
  • In Memoriam Pat O’Neill by Karen Harper (CUPE 3912 President)

Archived issues

Heads up! CUPE General Meeting Ahead
Greetings from the new President
…and from the new Vice-President SMU
CUPE 3912 at CUPE National Convention
Nova Scotia Federation of Labour Convention
Obituary for CUPE 3912 members Katherine Clough and    Jennifer Grabove

  • Spring 2013
    Putting Our Heads Together
    Temporary Foreign Workers
    Provincial Strategy
    20 Years of Standing Together
    Saying Goodbye
    Neo-liberalism & Precariousness
    Demystifying Precedence
  • Fall 2012
    Admin Compensations Rise
    CUPE PSE Taskforce
    PhD Preferred?
    Defending Our Workplace
    Labour College
    Why Union?
    CUPE NS Mobilizing
  • Winter 2012
    CUPE Youth At Convention
    SMU TESL Instructors Join CUPE 3912
    SMU’s New Academic Plan
    Social Media and the Universities
  • Fall 2010
    MSVU Ratification
    Dalhousie Contract Signing
    O’Neill Report
    Bylaw Amendment
  • Winter 2010
  • Fall 2009
    How to Apply?
    CUPE and the PSE Sector
  • Spring 2009
    News From the University Sector
    TAs: Know Your Rights
  • Fall 2008
    Do you think you have a grievance?
    News from the Mount
    Time again: thinking about bargaining
    Dalhousie Union news
    News from other Universities
  • Spring 2008
    May Day May 1st
    Notes from the Mount
    New website for Cupe 3912
    WLU contract faculty are on strike!
  • Fall 2007
    CUPE National Women’s Task Force and the CUPE National Convention
    Grievances and Settlements at MSVU
    Important changes to the Collective Agreement at MSVU
    3rd Annual CCGEU Conference Takes Place in Fredericton
    SMU Part-time Faculty Attention Pays Off
  • Spring 2006
    Are Your Rights Being Denied at SMU?
    Who’s Doing the Teaching?
    News from Saint Mary’s
    CUPE Launches Task Force on Women
    What Our Members Want
  • Fall 2006
    Negotiations Begin for New Agreement
    CUPE 3912 Executive Attend 2nd Annual CCGEU
    Report from COCAL VII
    CUPE National Women’s Task Force Survey
    Ontario workers get together
    Attention SMU 3912 Members
    Distance Education Issues at The Mount
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