The role of a steward

A steward has two important jobs.

First, a steward monitors the workplace conditions as set out in the collective agreement. Without stewards, a collective agreement is just a piece of paper. Stewards deal with complaints, investigate and settle grievances, and ensure that management abides by all of the clauses that were negotiated by your union.

The second, and equally important, role of a steward is to act as a link between members and your union. If for whatever reason, you are not able to attend a union meeting or read one of our publications, stewards can inform you of issues of concern in our workplace. Stewards are here to inform and educate you about union matters and the labour movement.

Steward network

Vice-Presidents of our executive act as chief stewards on each of our campuses. Don’t hesitate to contact your chief steward if you have any concerns about your rights at work or seek information about your union.

Ideally, each department on every campus should have its own steward to look after the interests of those members and ensure strength within our union.

Get involved, become a steward

If you would like to become a union steward, please contact

CUPE offers training in all the skills required to fulfill the functions of a steward.

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