SMU Professional Development Fund

Under the SMU collective agreement (Art. 24.06), part-time faculty are eligible to receive professional development funding. There are two steps to access this funding: making an application and then claiming reimbursement.

To apply:

  • Complete the travel application form and advance request form found on the SMU website under Arts Faculty Resources:  (Note that the advance request form requires an authorization signature from the claimant’s Department chair.)
    • In the “accounting information” section of the advance request fund, you have to enter the following account numbers:  (Fund) 100000 (Org) 5000 (Account) 78699 (Program) 9999
  • Once complete, please submit the forms to:
  • Once approved the forms will then go on to the VPAR’s office to be processed.
  • If approved by the VPAR’s office, you will be required to submit an expense report form after the event. If you didn’t get an advance fund and are requesting a reimbursement, the account numbers you have to use are the following: 100000 5000 71900 9999

To submit a request for reimbursement

  • Gather all applicable receipts and documentation
  • Download and complete the Reimbursement Form (support documentation available to the right on this page)
  • Confirm the spending authority for your reimbursement
    • If unsure, check with your supervisor
    • Note you cannot be the spending authority for your own reimbursement form.
  • Prepare email and documents
    • Create and attach one single PDF that includes the following (if not able to create a PDF, attach all of the following individually):
      • Completed reimbursement form
      • All scanned receipts.
      •  Any additional supporting documentation.
  • Include the following within the body of your email:
    • “Dear “spending authority name”,
      I was awarded $_____ from the CUPE 3912 Professional Development fund, as a member of the part-time faculty (Art. 24.06). Please see my attached completed request for “Reimbursement Form,” the memo from the VPAR approving my request for the PD, and other related documents for your review and approval.
  • Send the email to
  • Save emails you receive for your records
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