CUPE 3912 Members’ Scholarly Work

Welcome to the CUPE 3912 Online Scholarly Contributions Display. Below you can find work by our members. The purpose of this page is to highlight the academic achievements of part-time instructors and therefore raise awareness as part of the Make It Fair campaign for the Canadian Association of University Teachers. We welcome all contributions including books, book chapters, journal articles, non-refereed publications, artwork including performances or anything else members would like promoted.

If you are interested, please submit your contribution to with your contribution, name, affiliations (departments, universities), funding source (if applicable) and one sentence of something you are proud of about your contribution. Please also ensure that you are able to post the contribution following copyright guidelines; alternatively, we could post a link to a website with the contribution or a reference.

Any views or opinions presented in this display are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of CUPE 3912.


  • Karen Harper, Saint Mary’s University  |  Biology, Environmental Science, & Geography and Environmental Studies  |  Research for this article funded by NSERC
    “What I am proud of is that this article is about to surpass 1000 citations on Google Scholar!”
    Harper, K. A., Macdonald, S. E., Burton, P. J., Chen, J., Brosofske, K. D., Saunders, S. C., Euskirchen, E.S., Roberts, D.A.R., Jaiteh, M.S. & Esseen, P. A. (2005). Edge influence on forest structure and composition in fragmented landscapes. Conservation Biology, 19 (3), 768-782.
  • Robert Henman, Mount Saint Vincent University  |  Philosophy, Gerontology, Family Studies and Child Studies
    Henman, R. (2000). Judgment, reality and dissociative consciousness. Method: Journal of Lonergan studies, 18 (2), 179-186.
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  • Pat O’Neill, Mount Saint Vincent University  |  School psychology
    “The article reflects my interest in the relationship between ethics and responsibility to society. I am a long-time member of the committee on Ethics of the Canadian Psychological Association. I am also a member of the governing council of the American Psychological Association, and much of the paper reports and reflects on the controversy over APA involvement in torture, and the coverup of torture, by psychologists at the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay and various CIA black sites.”
    O’Neill, P. (2016). Psychology in and out of the shadows. Canadian Psychology, 57 (3), 226-231.
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