Dalhousie Picketing FAQ

CUPE 3912 Fall 2022 BBQ

1. I have another commitment. What if I am late to my picket duty, or need to leave early?

The sign-up form helps us plan our picket lines and staffing. If you only show up for 1 hour of the 2 hour slot, that is okay. You will be paid for the actual hours spent picketing determined by your sign-in/out times. Visit the picket tent to fill out your sign-in/out times and get assigned your picket captain.

2. The hours I indicated are true for most weeks, but I am away/on vacation for some dates. What happens then?

We don’t record exceptions on your attendance. Your sign-in/out will record your actual attendance, and you will be paid for those picket hours. The scheduled plan does not have to be perfectly accurate as long as it is accurate for most people. You can also show up for extra hours and days.

3. Will we get scheduled for all of the hours that we checked off?

Yes. The form you filled out was a picket duty signup, not an availability survey. Please indicate the actual shifts you will show up for. If you have more than 20 hours listed, we will manually schedule you for 20 hours per week because that is the maximum we can pay you at $15/hr.

4. What are the remote strike duties? Why haven’t I received a reply yet to my email?

Remote strike duties are specifically reserved for members who are incapable of doing strike duties in person. This may be because a member lives very far away or has specific accommodation needs (immunocompromised or other). If this applies to you, please email DalRemoteDuties@cupe3912.ca.

5. Where are the picket locations?

Picket locations are announced weekly on Sunday. These locations are available on the front page of this website and are emailed out to members.
Picketers from Sexton, Studley and Carleton campuses will be grouped together, and you may be asked to picket at various campuses over the course of the strike, so that all campuses get picketed.

6. Why do you need my B00 number?

For strike pay. Some people have different legal vs preferred names and it is important that we can link you to your unique B00 ID to guarantee strike pay for you.

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