Letter from CUPE NS Executive re. provincial election

Calling all members of CUPE! 

An election campaign is underway in Nova Scotia, and as members we all know how important  it is to have representation in government that values unions and looks out for union  members. So much is on the line when it comes to the outcome of this election. 

We need to be seen showing up for the community and have a presence of members out in the  NS NDP leader’s riding of Halifax-Chebucto. 

A perfect demonstration of what a difference the NDP can make for us is seen in the parties’  attitudes toward sick days. The Liberals have provided only a temporary coverage of four sick  days. The NDP plan understands that sick days are not a detriment to our work. Gary Burrill will  add 10 permanent paid sick days to the Labour Standards Code and make it illegal for  employers to require a doctor’s note when taking time off for illness – and this is just one  example. 

As members we must stand together and make sure that our government represents us, and is  not undermining our quality of life. 

Halifax-Chebucto – Gary Burrill’s home riding – needs YOU to help get the word out to the public  and make sure that he can keep representing us in the government of Nova Scotia. Their  campaign office is located at 6440 Quinpool Road and have invited us to drop by and help get  the word out. Please give them a call at 902-706-5111 and ask how you can help! 

We also need volunteers to help our CUPE members who are candidates, canvas. We have five CUPE members running, our National President Mark Hancock will be joining them on the  campaign trail from August 4th to August 6th (more info to follow on social media). if you would  like to come out and help we would love to see you. If there is no CUPE member running in your  area, stop by the local NDP candidates campaign office and lend a hand. 

Joy Polley Pictou East 

Sean Foley Colchester North 

Tammy Jakeman Eastern Passage 

Jason Langille Kings West 

Cheryl Burbidge Annapolis 

It’s time we support the party that supports the work we do in public service. 

If you are interested, please feel free to reach out and we can help you find the campaign office  in your area. 

In solidarity, 

CUPE NS Executive