Bargaining Update

This past week we tabled our financial proposals at Dalhousie. Next week we have bargaining at both the Mount and SMU.

Our discussions followed the common steps of us explaining that we deserve a lot more money because other PTers at Canadian universities get a lot more money, and them replying that we don’t have a lot to give you and we don’t need to anyway because other PTers in Halifax (i.e., at SMU and the Mount) get the same. This time we intend to break this cycle of the three universities using the others as comparators to justify our low wages.

We also had an excellent presentation by Fallen, VP for TAs and Markers at Studley, who explained how a substantial wage adjustment would help marginalized groups, something Dalhousie has repeatedly promised to do.

If the employer(s) continue to deny us fair wages despite our efforts, WE NEED YOUR HELP if we are to gain any substantial increase in stipends! Please look out for further information, follow our campaign and attend future meetings (tbd). Wage Parity NOW!

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