New and Returning Executive and Committee Members

Last evening, Tuesday April 25 we held our in-person/online General Meeting.

New Executive for 2023-2024

The CUPE 3912 Executive and Committee membership has a new look. At our General Meeting last evening, we filled seven Vice-President and Officer roles. None of these were contested elections. For each election, there was a single candidate. Thank you to those who have contributed in the past and to those who are part of our new team for 2023-2024. We will go through some transitions and orientations.

Our Executive includes:

  • Vice-President Dalhousie Part Time Instructors (1 year) – Gábor Lukács
  • Vice-President Dalhousie Truro Campus (2 years) – Mohammad Ramezani
  • Vice-President Dalhousie TA’s and Markers (Studley) (2 year) – Mikylah Gillis
  • Vice-President Dalhousie TA’s and Markers (Sexton) (2 year) – vacant
  • Vice-President MSVU (2 years) – Don McIver
  • Vice-President SMU Language Centre (2 years) – Lauren MacKenzie
  • Treasurer (2 more years) – Amal El Nabbout
  • Communications Officer (2 years) – Tanya Bilsbury
  • Vice-President SMU (1 more year) – Erica Fischer
  • Recording Secretary (1 more year) – Tatiana Rossolimo
  • President (1 more year) – Cameron Ells

New Committee Members for 2023-2024

Our Labour Management Committees have as additional members:

  • Alex Mielnik for the MSVU committee
  • Howard Donohoe for the SMU committee

Our external delegates include:

  • Erica Fischer to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT)
  • Cameron Ells to the Halifax-Dartmouth and DIstrict Labour Council
  • Alex Mielnik to the Halifax-Dartmouth and District Labour Council

Joining Vice-President Lauren MacKenzie and President Cameron Ells, we confirmed as additional SMU The Language Center (TLC) Negotiating Team Members

  • Andy de Champlain
  • Evelise de Melo

Kameron Steves-Vigneault became a new Trustee.

Later in the summer of 2023

Expect a Special Membership Meeting or two this summer for the topics:

  • 2023 Budget
  • Trustee Audit Reports
  • Bylaw Revision for a new NSCAD Bargaining Unit
  • Bylaw Revision for a new SMU TA and Marker Bargaining Unit
  • A new Dalhousie University based Network of Stewards
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