Support for Dalhousie University Post Doctorate Researchers’ Contract Negotiations

The CUPE 3912 membership includes Dalhousie University part time academic service providers – Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Markers, Demonstrators, Clinical Instructors and more.

In support of the contract negotiation efforts of Dalhousie University Post-Doctoral researchers (Post – Docs) represented by PSAC Local 86001, we are encouraging our members to consider:

  • Joining the Wednesday January 31, 2024 (1:00 – 3:00 pm) PSAC 86001 Information Picket in front of the Dalhousie Student Union building at 6136 University Avenue, Halifax
  • Sending emails this week to the employer supporting the Dalhousie Post Docs
  • Sharing support for PSAC 86001 Post Docs through personal social media channels, as CUPE 3912 does the same with its resources.
  • Learning more about PSAC 86001 Post Docs in their contract negotiations and why they have a Mandate to Strike from their members
  • Support CUPE 3912 – PSAC 86001 efforts in 2024 to improve member working conditions through collective bargaining and other means, that result in new collective agreements

The Dalhousie University Post-Doctoral researchers (Post Docs), are represented in collective bargaining negotiations with the employer by the PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) Local 86001. About half of these researchers were once post graduate students at Dalhousie University.  For years, their wage rates have not kept pace with market conditions for similar services, or inflation, or the cost of living. The Halifax cost of available affordable housing has dramatically changed in recent years.

January 25, 2024 negotiations involved a Nova Scotia Department of Labour Conciliator meeting separately with employer and Union representatives, who were not meeting face to face. CUPE 3912 and PSAC 86001 members care about the services they provide to the Dalhousie University community.  Hopefully there will soon be a Tentative Agreement. However in December 2023, PSAC 86001 members voted in support of a Mandate to Strike At Dalhousie University, these are sometimes acted on.

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