New and Returning Elected Officials

Throughout March we held a general meeting and unit meetings for each bargaining unit. Resulting from this, we have our elected officials for the next year.

Thanks to all who ran, and thanks to our outgoing officers for their service to CUPE 3912.

Contact information for executive officers can be found here.

Executive Officers

  • Lauren McKenzie, President
  • Tanya Bilsbury, Communications Officer
  • Jean-Philippe Bourgeois, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Aiden Farrant, Recording Secretary
  • Claire Drummond, VP NSCAD
  • Greg Nepean, VP MSVU
  • Samantha Williams, VP SMU TAs
  • Erica Fischer, VP SMU PT Faculty
  • Carlos Pessoa, VP Dalhousie PT Faculty
  • Holly Hanes, VP Dalhousie TAs/Markers, Studley Campus
  • Hadi Matin Rouhani, VP Dalhousie TAs/Markers, Sexton Campus
  • Mohammad Ramezani, VP Dalhousie Truro Campus

Non-Executive Officials

  • Nolan Dickson, Steward, SMU TAs
  • Rebecca Roher, Steward, NSCAD
  • Jordan Dempsey, Steward, Dalhousie
  • Jonathon Tot, Steward, Dalhousie
  • Shehzeen, Steward, Dalhousie
  • Jenna MacPhee, Steward, Dalhousie
  • Neil Balan, Steward, SMU PT Faculty
  • Kim Robinson, Membership Officer

Bylaw Committee Members

  • Cameron Ells
  • Erica Fischer
  • Carlos Pessoa
  • Greg Nepean
  • Shehzeen
  • Mohammad Ramezani

Newsletter and Education Committee Members

  • Janet Fu
  • Wenceslao Amezcua
  • Mohammad Ramezani
  • Shehzeen
  • Kim Robinson
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