We Start Striking on October 19, 2022

Build the Resistence (CUPE)

Due to the Employer’s refusal to offer us fair wages and working conditions, we have decided to call a strike and stop working at Dalhousie on:

October 19, 2022

This decision was not made lightly. We have made every effort to avert the strike, holding numerous events to raise awareness that many of you attended, but the Employers’ offers have not significantly improved.

We consulted among ourselves at all levels, from membership surveys, through Q&A sessions, and discussions among the Strike Committee and Executive Board members. Even then, we continued to negotiate in the hopes that we can avoid a work stoppage; however, the Employer’s latest offer leaves us no choice.

We are still hoping not to have to go on strike, but if the Employer continues to disregard our attempts to meet the cost of living in Halifax, we will stop working.

If this happens, we will be picketing starting the morning of the 19th. If you want to earn strike pay, it is more important than ever to sign up for hours and join us on the line!

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