We Are On Strike!

As of this morning, we are on strike. All work done by CUPE 3912 members should stop for the length of the strike. If you continue to work, you will not be paid.

Picketing Plan

October 19-21, 2022

Picketing Location: McCain Building (and surrounding areas)
  • Members are strongly encouraged to picket as many hours as they can. The union can pay up to $180 for the 3 days (12 hours).
Sign-Up Location
  • Sign-in/out takes place in the tent on the green space between the Marion McCain Building and the SUB.
  • Any member can join us, no prior signup required. Just show up, sign in, and join the picket line.
What to Do
  • Go to the tent to receive information, pick up buttons and a sign, and sign in on the time sheets.

Following Weeks

Pick Your Schedule
  • Enter the hours you will be picketing.

Sign Up for Strike Duties

Sign-Up Location
  • You will receive an email with the location of the picket line you are assigned to at least a day before.
  • Anyone can show up, the more the better, however we encourage people to sign up for the times you selected on the form.
What to Do
  • Go to your picket captain and sign-in when you show up. They will record your name and sign-in time. When you are finished, go back to your picket captain to sign out to ensure you get paid.

Other Strike-Related Information

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Most answers to strike-related questions can be found in  the Strike FAQ. Please check the material in the posts and FAQs before emailing us to improve response times.
  • If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, please email one of the VPs or drop in at Strike HQ in the SUB (Boardroom B, second floor).
Negotiations Update 
  • The last set of negotiations took place on October 17 and 18, 2022, and the Dalhousie Administration walked away from the table. Their final offer was much lower than what our surveys showed that our membership would accept. They also refused to offer a four year agreement as is standard for academic collective agreements.
  • These are the increases the Dalhousie Administration has offered over three years:
    • PTAs 12.28%, 11.43%, and 11.09% depending on the tier
    • Teaching Assistants 17.69%
    • Markers/Demonstrators 30.40%
  • Our offer, covering four years (2020-2023), asked for:
    • PTAs 17.54%
    • Teaching Assistants 27.33%
    • Markers/Demonstrators designation to be eliminated to prevent duty creep.
  • Organization of the hardship fund is in process; more information to come shortly.
  • For those who need accommodations due to a disability or alternate strike duties due to distance, please contact DalRemoteDuties@cupe3912.ca.
  • For emergencies which cannot be handled by picket captains, or to discuss accommodations in person, check in with the team at Strike HQ located in Boardroom B, on the second floor in the Student Union Building.
  • For media, please reach out to our Communications Officer, Gábor Lukács, at communications@cupe3912.ca, or our Outreach Coordinator, David Banoub, at outreach@cupe3912.ca.
  • For other matters, contact us at office@cupe3912.ca.
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