Week 3 Dalhousie Strike Update

All work done by CUPE 3912 members should stop for the length of the strike. If you continue to work, you will not be paid.

Bargaining Update

Our strike is effective. After more than a week of our strike, Dalhousie’s Administration has agreed to return to the bargaining table on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. For details visit our Bargaining Updates page.

Let’s keep up the pressure by picketing even harder to support our Negotiating Committee before and during their bargaining meetings.

Picketing Plan

October 31st – November 4th, 2022

Monday (Oct. 31)
  • Studley Quad (Studley)
  • SPECIAL EVENT: Student Walkout @ 12 PM (feel free to wear a costume)
Tuesday (Nov. 1)
Wednesday (Nov. 2)
Thursday (Nov. 3)
Friday (Nov. 4)

Anyone can join, no prior signup required. Just show up, go to the tent to receive information, buttons, and a sign, and join the picket line. If you have an active contract, sign in and sign out on the timesheets at the tent to ensure you get strike pay. While everyone is welcome at any time, we encourage people to sign-up for our strike schedule. Please sign-up here:

Sign Up for Strike Duties

Sign Up for Reading Week (Reduced Hours)

For those who cannot perform strike duties in person due to living far away from Halifax or having specific accommodation needs (immunocompromised or other), please contact DalRemoteDuties@cupe3912.ca.

Other Strike-Related Information

Strike Pay
  • Our picketing schedule is Monday-Friday, but strike pay is recorded from Wednesday-Tuesday because our strike started on a Wednesday. You will only get paid for at most 20 hours of strike duties with a Wednesday-Tuesday week. Strike pay cheques become available on the following Friday. Please visit the Strike HQ in the SUB to receive your cheque (remote members will have their cheques mailed).

    The hardship fund is in development; more information is coming soon.

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